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Cerf’s Up in San Diego

The San Diego area has a deep and diverse community of academic and private sector experts in leading-edge research and technologies as well as the financial and business structure needed to support their maturation to serve society. This meeting is organized to facilitate knowledge exchange and perhaps stimulate productive collaboration among different elements of this diverse community. Many technology leaders see great potential in the San Diego region. The hope is that greater collaboration will lead to new opportunities.  

Cerf’s Up concept and organization was developed through collaboration between Vint Cerf and Ann Kerr. It is structured around “Research Roundtables” of invited participants and a large plenary event open to the public. A final Roundtable on San Diego Innovation will be held with key SD Community Innovation Leaders.

Research Roundtable topics include:

    Genomics, Proteomics and Personalized Medicine

    Large Data Analytics

    Autonomous Software and Deep Learning

    Cybersecurity/ Internet of Things

    Global Data Communication

    Quantum and Neural Computing

    Block Chain Technology

    Digital Preservation



At the plenary event Dr. Vint Cerf, will deliver a Keynote address, “Discovering San Diego Innovation” that will summarize important results from the Roundtables. This will be followed by an informal Public Forum Q&A.


We are grateful to Rick Valencia and Qualcomm for sponsoring the Keynote at their AZ Auditorium. We thank MIT Forum, Amy Romaker, Chapter Chair, Ruprecht Von Buttlar, Program Chair and Anita Rusch, Executive Director, for hosting the plenary session in their monthly programs. We also thank Mike Krenn of San Diego Venture Group for invaluable advice and information about SD Innovation Community.


Vint Cerf, Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist

Ann Kerr, Program Chair

Tyler Orion, Sponsor Chair

Image by Estée Janssens



Roundtable Attendees


Keynote & Public Forum

Image by Edwin Andrade

Roundtable Questions



Image by Azamat E


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