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Ocean Health Initiative
"Ocean Discovery & Exploration Initiative"

LJ STEAM (La Jolla, CA) and Applied Minds, Inc. (Burbank, CA) have joined forces to enhance understanding of our oceans, particularly their health and its impact on climate change. Our vision seeks to amplify global knowledge of ocean resources and changes through thorough technological research and comprehensive data collection. Acknowledging the limitations of our knowledge, we identify a crucial need to systematically observe and innovate in our data collection and technology  usage. We focus on the scientific data deficit to bridge gaps in inner oceanic spaces with a fervor and scale akin to the exploration of outer space.

Our vision is to:

  • Increase the world’s knowledge of the oceans with hard data, so we can better understand the effects of climate change and other factors affecting the health of our oceans.

  • Improve data models needed to formulate national security strategy, climate change strategy, and other policies.

  • Improve technology to more accurately monitor our oceans and the life within it, continuously, consistently, and long-term, over vast geographical areas.

Observe the ocean consistently over time and at a greater scale.

  • Current research models lack adequate scientific data. Our objective is to fill the gaps with new technologies and large-scale efforts to provide to researchers and decision-makers to make informed policies and to formulate national security strategy.

  • Our current sensing methods can provide great data for parameters like surface temperature and wave heights, but are not accurate, high resolution, 3D profiles of temperature. New breakthroughs in acoustic thermography promise to help eliminate these gaps.

  • Current instruments are not fully accurate. We need a reliable ocean thermometer and acoustic network, as well as other tools to capture reliable data.

  • Rapid recent advances in sensors, communications, and autonomous systems offer potentially significant capability but are still experimental or only deployed in small areas.

  • As with the Internet and GPS, wiring the ocean will further scientific advancement and provide societal benefits in yet unforeseen ways.

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